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There’s a lot of mortgage loan and mortgage rate sites on the internet, so why use LoanRateUpdate.com? What advantages does LoanRateUpdate.com have over other mortgage loan and mortgage rate internet websites?

I started my first website in 2004 when I was working as a Realtor for a national realty corporation. What I found at the time was a lack of good sound and insightful information concerning what home buyers and sellers could expect during the home buying/selling process.

Most Realtor websites at the time were nothing more than sales portals. Sure they all showcased homes that they had listed, but very few had any real helpful information on what to actually expect when buying a home. Why? An uneducated consumer is a profitable consumer.

The other thing I noticed was that these same reality corporations also had some very cozy relationships with certain lenders…and highly suggested that we use them. By stifling competition and only using recommended mortgage lenders, I felt that I was not looking out for the best interest of my clients.

You see, my feeling was, the whole process of representing a client in the home buying/selling process shouldn’t stop at just trying to negotiate the best deal for my client, it also meant trying to get the best mortgage rate and the best mortgage terms possible for my client so that they could enjoy the lowest possible payment for their home.

Honest answers to your questions. It’s that simple. That’s what you can expect from LoanRateUpdate.com…and that’s what sits us apart from other mortgage loan and mortgage rate websites.

Need to learn about mortgages? Visit our “Types of Mortgage Loans” page and learn about what mortgage loans are available and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

And even though we’re primarily a mortgage loan and mortgage rate provider, get some handy types on what you should expect when buying or selling your home on our “Home Buying Tips” and “Home Selling Tips” pages.

And here’s a truth that no other mortgage loan and mortgage rate website will tell you:

No mortgage lender has the best rates all of the time. Mortgage rates are constantly changing everyday! No one mortgage lender has the lowest rates everyday! So what can LoanRateUpdate.com do for you? Make sure that we only use mortgage loan lenders who consistently have the lowest mortgage rates on the market.

And the best thing is…we strive to keep you informed. It’s not only about trying to provide the best mortgage lenders and the best mortgage rates, it’s also about providing you with current news and events that influence today’s mortgage rates. Keeping you informed on the events that influence interest rates allows you to make intelligent decisions on what’s right for you and your family.

LoanRateUpdate.com provides our visitors with services from third party affiliate partners who seek competitive mortgage rates whether for a new home purchase or to refinance your current home. We partner with some of the top lenders in the country in order to find you the best possible rates on the market and to make your lending experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. By having multiple lenders compete for your business, you could potentially save thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please fill out the information below and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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