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March 22, 2011 (Jeff Alan)
Mortgage giant Freddie Mac has launched its own YouTube Channel that features five 90 to 120 second videos that separate housing facts from fiction. Each video dispels one of five common myths that could prevent people from keeping their homes if they face foreclosure. It is based on content from the Freddie Mac “Get the Facts” on Homeownership education and outreach materials.

“Individuals are worried about scams and fraud, and don’t know who to safely turn to for help,” said Dwight Robinson, Freddie Mac senior vice president of corporate relations and housing outreach. “The videos provide information and resources that just might keep individuals from losing their home. This is another way we are trying to make a difference in communities across the nation.”

You can catch each of the five videos on Freddie Mac’s YouTube Channel, or what the heck, you can watch them here:

Myth 1: If my house is foreclosed, I can never buy a house again — the foreclosure will stay on my record forever.
Truth 1:

Myth 2: I should stop paying my mortgage so I can get assistance with my mortgage payments.
Truth 2:

Myth 3: If I’m late on my monthly payments, I’ll lose my house.
Truth 3:

Myth 4: I am getting many offers for help from a variety of people. They are probably all scams.
Truth 4:

Myth 5: My lender is not responding to my inquiries, so I should just give up and face foreclosure.
Truth 5:

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