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April 14, 2011 (Shirley Allen)
Fannie Mae announced the opening of its seventh help center in Tampa, Florida. The new Tampa Mortgage Help Center will provide free education and counseling services to struggling homeowners in the greater Tampa Bay area. The Center was developed in partnership with the Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation, the Greater Tampa Bay area community and elected officials.

“Fannie Mae is committed to doing everything we can to make sure homeowners facing hardships know the options available to them and have access to the help they need,” said Jeff Hayward, Senior Vice President, National Servicing Organization, Fannie Mae. “We are excited to open another Mortgage Help Center to continue to provide services that empower homeowners to make informed decisions and help families stay rooted in their communities, a key part of our mission to bring stability to our nation’s neighborhoods.”

The Center will provide services that have been available at the other six Help Centers including reviewing mortgage loans with families who are behind on their mortgage or may be at-risk of foreclosure, discussing loan modification and other alternatives to foreclosure, processing their documentation and making timely decisions on any pending loan workout efforts. Services are available in both English and Spanish.

The center can also assist you if you’ve been a victim of fraud by fraudulent groups charging fees for modifications and foreclosure related services, and other mortgage related scams.

Free services are offered to those families who have mortgage owned by Fannie Mae. Find out if your home is owned by Fannie Mae by going to www.fanniemae.com/loanlookup or call 1-800-7FANNIE.

If your loan is not owned by Fannie Mae, contact the Tampa Bay Community Deveolpment Corporation at Tel: (727) 446-6222 for assistance and advice to avoid foreclosure.

The Tampa Bay Community Deveolpment Corporation is also holding Homeownersip Workshops on April 16, 20, and 27th. Call for details.

The Mortgage Help Center is available by appointment only and customers wishing to schedule a visit should call 866-442-8554.

“Any additional resources that are brought to the region to help keep families in their homes are a benefit to the whole community,” said Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn. “We are happy to join in today’s announcement for the center’s opening and encourage more efforts like this one that help bridge the gap in these difficult economic times.”

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